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The best option for calls and meetings is to go into the Zoom Room or Conference Room, which can be booked first-come-first-served via Skedda. If they are both occupied, or for very short/impromptu calls, in the Sun Room it's okay to take calls at your desk, but please be mindful of your neighbors and keep your voice as low as possible, and use headphones. The Green Room and Bay Room are quieter spaces, so please only take calls there if the private rooms are both occupied and if you've checked in with your neighbors to make sure they're okay with you taking a call (it's okay for them to say no!) and use headphones and a quiet voice. In any location, always close the adjoining doors into other rooms if you're going to take a call so as to keep the overall noise to a minimum as much as possible.


Very well-behaved dogs are allowed on a trial basis. In other words, dogs who are under voice command, generally stay near their person's desk (with a leash or by command), don't bark or have accidents inside, don't steal people's lunch or jump up on people, etc., are welcome. If there were to be an accident (poop, pee, throw up, excessive saliva) or damage, dog owners are responsible for fully and quickly cleaning up messes or making amends for damage.

If you bring in a dog, please run the filter fan in the room with you, as we have one member with mild to medium allergies. If your dog sheds a lot, please vacuum it up with the vacuum in the utility closet across from the Green Room bathroom.

This is an iterative and responsive policy. Please be in contact with us if you have thoughts about it, and we will see how it goes. So far most member feedback has been neutral or positive toward dogs, but if we find we have someone in the office who has had trauma around dogs, we would want to be sensitive to that. We are most interested in creating space for people to feel safe and comfortable while working, so please let us know if that is ever not the case for you.

Part time folks: please make a note in your Skedda event if you plan to bring your dog.


We are a membership organization where members pay a fee (be it hourly, daily or montly) to join, and gain use of the space and other amenities (wifi, coffee, etc). We are not actually renting out space, so there is no lease. We rely on the honor system and a handshake agreement with members.


There is not enough parking in the lot to accommodate everyone in our space, so please consider parking farther away (such as the large lot just up the hill behind the block with Rollie's and Downshift Coffee) if you do not need to be close to the building. Please avoid parking in front of the restaurant next door, and do not park in the spots designated for tenants in the upstairs appartments.


For larger groups (around 6 can fit comfortably) we offer the conference room for $100 per day pending availability. In other words, in the peak of the summer when we are very full we may not offer it for the day because many members need it for zoom calls. Use of the conference room (first come, first served) is included with membership, so our regular members can sign it out for zoom calls or in-person meetings for free. Folks here on a 1-day pass may use the room for reasonable meetings (1-2 hours), but we would ask for the conference room day rate for longer meetings.

For local environmental nonprofits we offer free use of the conference room after 5pm for meetings.

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