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Welcome Members

By joining Belfast Coworking (be it for an hour, day, month, or longer) you are agreeing to follow our policies, and to generally be a good neighbor to your fellow coworkers. We rely on the honor system and assume that everyone is doing their best, just as we are trying to do. Please reach out if you have feedback, or ideas for making our little community better!

Policies and Tips


Skedda is our online calendar where part time folks sign out desks and everyone can book the Conference Room and the Zoom Room for meetings and calls, available first come first served.


The best place to take calls/meetings is the Zoom Room or Conference Room to avoid too much noise in our spaces. Book these rooms in Skedda. In the Sun Room it's also OK to talk quietly at your desk with headphones. Please don't take calls/meetings at your desk in the Bay Room or Green Room if others are working in the same room (unless you've talked to your neighbors and you're all cool with it).

Locking up

The outside door key is in the lockbox. Please remember to return the key to the lockbox, and lock both doors if you're the last one out of the building.


To open the inner door, type the code into the keypad then quickly turn the spinning part of the lock. Please keep this door locked at all times unless you're sitting right by it and want it open (such as in summer to let in the AC from the hall). To lock from the outside press the top button with the logo then turn the spinning part of the lock left.

Do not share door codes, or let people in that you don't know.


Please don't park in front of the restaurant or in the spots designated for the apartment. You can park in the lot, on the street, or the big municipal lot just up the hill, behind the block with Rollies in it.

At your own risk

Leave personal belongings at Belfast Coworking at your own risk, and only during days you have a desk signed out (for part time folks). We can't guarantee the space is secure, though we've never had a problem. 


Close the shades if it's getting hot! The sun is a big factor in our space's temp! 
In the Green Room or Bay room please turn on both AC units to "high cool" if you're the first one in: lean over the corner desk in the Bay Room to reach them. Use fans to direct the air into the Green Room as needed. The Sun Room AC is in the entryway--switch by the door.

LAST ONE OUT of a particular room: please turn off all fans and AC!


Sun Room heat is automatic. Green Room & Bay Room heat needs to be turned on with the thermostats. The one on the green wall controls the window baseboards in the Bay Room and Green Room. The one by the conference room controls the private offices and the side wall of the Green Room. Please turn this one down to 50 at night.


WiFi password for the Sun Room ("the office annex") is on the small table in the back right corner of the Sun Room. In the conference room, Green Room and Bay Room you may get better reception on the other two networks, "the office" and "the office also". Password is on the wall above the printer, near the door to the conference room in the Green Room.


Printing is free (with a full time membership or on days you have a desk signed out) within reason--if you're printing a lot please bring us in some paper.


We aim for a kind, friendly and peaceful atmosphere, so please be respectful of other members. Check in with those around you if you are making noise to be sure not to disturb them. Folks might take calls at their desks in the Sun Room, so book the Green Room if you prefer a quieter space.

Sick days

Please don't come in to the space if you are sick. Let's all try for a better work/life balance by not working when we're sick, and while we're at it we won't get each other sick, and will all be happier! I'll always refund your fee if you need to cancel a daily booking when you're sick--just email me.

Part Time Members
Hourly vs. Day Rate

Bookings under 4 hours are charged hourly. For 4+ hour bookings it's a flat daily rate. You're charged separately for each desk booking, so if you're here for over 4 hours, book it in one big chunk, but for example if you're here an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon, it's cheaper to make two separate bookings at the hourly rate.

Book a desk for your whole visit

Always book a desk for the whole time you'll be here. I don't charge at all for the conference rooms to avoid double-charging people, so please make sure there's also a desk booked if you're in a conference room. If you're someone who only needs the conference room and not a desk, reach out to Katie and we can change your settings to make that easier.

Changing/Canceling Boookings

Unfortunately Skedda doesn't yet allow users to change bookings once they're paid for, so if you need to cancel or change something just reach out to Katie and she'll fix it and send you a refund if needed. This only applies to desk bookings, not the meeting rooms.

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